We were given falsified science and told that the Trusted Revered Experts will save us.

Nobody asked the right questions.

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As soon as I heard this mother fucker say it again, "I don't think we should be mandating vaccines for unwilling Americans unless".

Unless? Unless?

Unless what you fk'n murder'n globalist.

I had to rant.

That's worst than, "it's for your safety".

You might as well put the fk'n bullet in my head, push the gawddamn button to activate the smartdust accumulated in my body or kill me another of your ten thousand ways.

Cause I don't go for that shit.

Pheww.... now please pass the Doritos!

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Still curious about the mysterious and untimely death of Mullis. Burr under my saddle lately ? All these self-congratulatory circle-j*rk conferences, press briefings, hot tub parties, and other Bacchanalian gatherings of the medical experts: Can barely bear to look at the pix of their smiling, smug, self-satisfied mugs. Almost like these newly-minted science celebs are re-branding themselves as the new media elite, isn't it ? Not one single doctor or other medical "expert" in the US should be smiling or laughing now.

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"One more time with feeling"

I don't think we ought to make people listen to me laugh unless we know it's helping them more than hurting.


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Love Karry Mullis. Read in depth a while ago the details of his life and science and timely DEATH, Cabal induced no doubt. One of a very long list of Doctors, PhDs mostly along with Holestic MDs ( very few of them left ) that have been murdered in the last few years. Add in the planeful of Immunologists on the way to their large Conference in Austria. That had Fraudci's finger prints on it since most of them knew his AIDS BS, Lyme, and fake HEP B Bioweapon Injection crap. They did not believe it for a second. Hind sight they probably knew about the mRNA crap Fraudci, Bob and friends were about to pull. One fell swoop all the Scientists died that did not agree with the Lies narratives. Please someone eliminate these Evil puppeteers from the planet. 😢

You know, I would not believe all this if someone told me. No. But for the fact the Evils use the exact same damn playbook every freaking time! The Titanic - the bankers that all knew the Fed capture was coming and did not agree. All the same, same same playbook of murders and deaths all the time. John Kennedy Jr going to run for Congress/Senate ( his magazine was tanking and never made money) and Hiliary changing states to NY plan a run also. Bam dead when the plane went down. She used same trick with Ron Brown. Moved the small airports landing beacon into the mountains. Wow that was easy. Have people not read mystery books, watched James Bond etc. to see how this stuff is done and then not seen it happen in real life.

🤯 911, Pearl Harbor, Ukraine, Israel/Gaza etc etc etc etc. They are going to keep doing it until we stop them.

Wake the f up people. Their a lot of bad high placed people in this country and other countries and if you don't demonstrate you are a smart animal you and yours are going to be killed, forever you will be gone. I know I don't need to say this on THIS substack. I should copy and paste this 4 am message on other substacks. But of course I shouldn't because they....will think it is crazy talk. 😡

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I know plenty of people that have chosen to not take any boosters, but can't think of anyone I know that didn't get at least one jab. The world of the pureblood (I hate that term) is getting very small.

A friend of mine that only got one jab was complaining the other day about always getting sick, and those bouts of illness kicking his ass and dragging on. This is a guy that never got sick, and if he did shrugged it off quickly. He has had shingles since getting jabbed, and in his last bought of sickness complained about a shingles-like rash as well. I've been taking Nattokinase and Bromelain with Turmeric to hopefully clear out anything I picked up from the jabbed shedding.

I thought I felt isolated when businesses were closed and I was home alone, but now I feel isolated when I am out in public. When I talk to people I can't help but think that they are gleefully jabbed, and I am unable to trust them. Whether it is Jabs, Ukraine, Israel or inflation, everything has become so polarized I am afraid to talk about anything real. When I slip up and share my opinion, I immediately regret it.

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You said... “(I made a video on our pols and “New World Order” and the stated intentions and what really happens. If you want a link to that post, hit me up in the comments. Too many links lately.)”

Consider yourself hit up, please & thank you.

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Back in the mid 1990s I purchase a book titled Inventing the Aids Virus by Peter Duesberg, Forward by Kary Mullis. When the AIDS thing started, it smelled to high heaven, so I was happy to find the book by Dr. Duesberg and Kary Mullis that put my mind at ease. I was not crazy.

Still despite that, collectively we are duped again with the Covid Pandemic. One wonders if we will ever learn to be skeptical. Especially if Public/Private partnerships obscure the science and the ingredients. When that happens we need to be exceptionally skeptical.

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Sage...infinite thanks for the Kary Mullis posts. He was truly an amazing guy. I highly recommend his autobiography as well: “Dancing Naked in the Mind Field.”

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This comment is late, and commenting on Thrusday's post! Sorry, can't keep up. But I have an answer to your question "If Nick Rockefeller says that the Rockefellers created the Women’s Movement with some Bernays Psy Oppery, did they also run the Op on their own family?

On Abby? "

I don't think so.

WHAT WOMEN"S MOVEMENT? The women's not-a-movement. All kinds of crap thrown together at the time. Abby picked up some threads that really did need attention - like women's self defense. Not going to go into the complexity and variety of the women's not-a-movement, I lived through it, in my semi-conscious just-trying-to pay-the-rent way, but definitely was not a chronicler.

They ran the Op on other people's children. I'm guessing children like Meryl Nass, maybe a striver who wanted to belong. Your own children are possibly too hard to control anyway. Especially child number 2, often the contrarian problem child.

But I got to see stuff that amazes me today. Anyway, here is an impressionistic interpretation of the Meryl Nass Abby Rockefeller story.

This story about a Meryl Nass and Abby Rockefeller friendship sticks in my mind. If it is even true. more links to go back to. It could be a whole historical novel. This Abby Rockefeller, 9 years older than me, a second child - you know that one is the troublemaker in the family, right? And she is a girl. Here on out is total fantasy speculation:

The family was unlikely to be concerned with her activities, and she had the luxury of independent means. She could well have pursued her interests - women's self-protection, feminism, environmentalism - in totally independent, even rebellious, abandon. The composting toilet! She had the first one! Of course, in a county near me some people still have outhouses. My grandparents had one, on their hobby farm. You just put lime over whatever goes down there. It is 100 times more pleasant than a Port-A-potty. But not in compliance with any building code!

My friend has a theory, only revealed with alcohol, that young women and girls usually have someone they look up to, someone who has it all. Looks, talent, status. (reference - 8 million movies about means girls or heathers or whatever) That could easily be Abby Rockefeller to someone. Someone might desire to be part of the Abby Rockefeller club, might look for an 'in' with the illustrious family, might be a whippersnapper of a smart scientist, might see an opportunity to impress....

It's not necessarily the free and easy children of privilege who carry the Day tapes cultural directives into society at large. They might associate, advocate, participate... But it's more likely the strivers, those who want in, who will work for their position. Take that CIA money to advocate women's so-called liberation. Take that lab position, go to Cuba, Tanzania, wherever. Curry favor with the rich and wonderful. In the Laurel Canyon story, it's always the sons and daughters of military families carrying the torch of the hippie peace and love movement, not sons and daughters of privilege and endless wealth.

The children of privilege do what they want. Trash the new BMW driving across the horse pasture. Not easy to control.

Here is an example: a memoir -

We Used to Own the Bronx

Memoirs of a Former Debutante

By Eve Pell


"Having spent a lot of my life feeling cowed and stifled by harsh parents, I rooted for underdogs and those who would protect them," she writes. In the proud tradition of poor little rich girls who hit the barricades (think Patty Hearst, Diana Oughton and Jane Fonda, Pell's childhood acquaintance), at 30, she sheds her princess trappings and is "off to the revolution."

She moves to San Francisco, begins therapy and consciousness-raising, and becomes a researcher for Ramparts co-founder Paul Jacobs. Later, she finds her voice and passion in the prison-reform movement, contributes to many left-wing publications and publishes several books, including "Maximum Security: Letters From Prison." Needless to say, daddy is not pleased. After her first piece appears in Ramparts, he sends a note to cousin Claiborne Pell, the moderate Republican Rhode Island senator: "Terribly sorry about this." The disapproval only adds fuel to the writer's fire."

"Nevertheless, Pell is raised in a hothouse of wealth and privilege, and she nails it with both glee and outrage. Her mother, beautiful but distant and mean-tempered, leads a life that's a round of dinner parties, gardening, polo and clothes. Topsy is in training for the same fate."

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I’m late to the party here and I’m just beginning to grasp the level of deceit and massive scale of the malevolence we are dealing with.

Grateful to be learning it here, from such an intelligent group and to have found you, Sage. I don’t have much to add, but I’m learning more every day. 🙏

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I ran across an old Sunday newspaper fill-in from March of 2007 called USA Weekend. It had as its main feature several predictions for life spans of dozens of everyday people back then based on living habits. There were 24 people on the front page and the only name I recognized was Donald Trump. In 2007 he was 60 and the prediction was that he would live to be 101 based on his living habits.

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Jeeezusss. Spot-fucking-on!! Do you remember when they were taking about “helicopter Ben?” (As in Bernanke?) ready to drop money on everyone to solve the “deflation” problem of 2008? Methinks we have Helicopter Bobby ready to drop Doritos on Tier Two Marks.

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*Highly revered and world renowned* brings to mind Polly’s reporting on the war games fall 2019 bringing forth the need for “trusted voices”.

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I think my problem in graduate school was that I was just smart enough that in teaching how science was done I was able to see how to do good science and how to do bad science, while at the same time being too stupid to be bought off. Those ultimate arbiters are corrupted humans, are they not?

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Odd ... why would she be upset by this? https://t.me/TheHealthForumNZch/3802

I do wonder about these 'A Vax Thought Leaders'... why do they insist on being polite?


This morning I became aware of a video that is circulating on social media involving The Health Forum NZ vaccine injury signs being used in a way that very much goes AGAINST our Code of Conduct.

In the video a small group of people holding our Vaccine Injury signs, stand outside a restaurant in Petone where Ashleigh Bloomfield is entering

As he passes by the sign holders repeatedly call out "Murderer, Murderer" ...

I do not know who these people are.

We have no official sign holders in Wellington.

Everyone issued with our signs agrees to use them in accordance with our Code of Conduct.

This entails a silent, respectful presence at all time ....remembering that we hold the images of REAL people who have agreed for us to use their stories in a silent, non threatening manner.

Irrespective of whether or not Ashleigh Bloomfield deserves to be called a murderer...

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