Watched this over the weekend. I'm not for mandates, but if I were, this would be mandatory watching. Only 75 years since the Nuremberg trials astoundingly and... here we are acting as if in a vacuum without history. What happened? Why do some of us remember and so many do not? Thanks.

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Zyklon B was made by Bayer, which recently bought Monsanto, maker of Agent Orange. Of course, monsanto was famous for making Roundup, which is the poison that plants crave.

So now the maker of Zyklon B poisons our land on an industrial scale.

Tell me again how we are not worse off than the folks in Idiocracy?

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Yes, so many spin-offs of these Nazi poisons and related substances. Autoimmune diseases were treated for decades by pharmaceuticals derived from Mustard Gas. The treatment of AI, cancer, and many other illnesses with highly toxic substances is rife. The entire medical/health and related Pharmaceutical industry needs to be dismantled.

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Those who declare that Holocaust analogies are “off limits” are betraying the victims of the Holocaust by denying the relevance of the Holocaust.

Yes. Clearly, this pet project of psychopaths never ended. We the people constructed a few memorials, and moved on thinking it was all in the past. But they did not move on and never will. Ms. Sharav is right. This time there will be no rescuers.

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Watched every minute. Sharing where I can.

I think I have taken part in the “anthrax exp” you mention…during a particular adventure that started with a “desert” and ended with a “storm.”

It didn’t seem to have an evil intent at the time and we were told not to donate blood for 10 years IIRC.

No adverse effects I know of. I recall a small group of resisters who I think succeeded in avoided the anthrax vax.

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The entire speech was a tour de force of how far we have fallen...and it mademe weep.

Because I am now banned by twitter and facebook, I shall have to ponder where and how I

can send this to others...maybe in my tagline/google email?

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This is a must watch video about Operation Paperclip https://youtu.be/HHs5M3pyd3Q

By the way for several years it was denied and tagged a conspiracy theory. Even now you won’t find a hardly a word about it in any US History textbook.

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"The Holocaust did not begin in the gas chambers of Auschwitz and Treblinka.

The Holocaust was preceded by 9 years of incremental restrictions on personal freedom, & the suspension of legal rights and civil rights."

We are in year 3, right?

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I'm doing some guppy reporting and commentary:

Here is a chat with Brooke Jackson, the Pfizer whistleblower, from August, 12th:


She says very common sense things. Like people deserve to know how the trials were run.

She responds "I trust less." to a question about how has becoming a whistleblower changed her views.

Wasn't the State of Israel using Pfizer's crap exclusively? Ironic.

Anyway, after the chat with Brooke Jackson, the crew at the "Union of the Unwanted" keep chatting for another hour. I want to focus the attention on the notorious Naturopath and Researcher Henry Ealy. A good guy, IMO.

Cue 1:39:31. Exchange with Ryan Cristián.

Ealy is on fire.

"We can't trust the journals."

Ealy chastizes the true "dolts botching shit": the doctors and their addiction to protocols and therapeutic nihilism, to quote McCullough.

I wonder, who put the dolts there? Who told them to behave like imbeciles and euthanize people? I guess no one but their own vices told them anything explicitly. But clearly, the idiots were planted there to be activated as part of the program. Everything is a fraud designed in the las five decades. The dumbing down of all professionals, and the economic helplessness, the extreme corruption of the Courts.

Ealy continues:

"Everything is bullshit, I don't care about your feelings, we have to find the truth, this is going to kill the entire human race if we don't hold the line right here."

I think as time passes, everything comes around. For example, we now know that a lot of people who pretended to be anti-nazis in 2017 were actually NPCs without any core belief. They just react to their programming. I keep reminding this to self, b/c I often forget.

Zyklon B or Pfizer injectable products: which of these have killed more people?

This is crafted to be a provocative question for the enemy. They don't like to be confronted with their past crimes.

*Note for latecomers: NPC means non-playable character in a videogame, a metaphor for an individual who has no thoughts.

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This one is making the rounds. I think everybody at NPR should sit down and listen to every word, three or four times, on condition of ever broadcasting again.

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but most volunteer now!

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So refreshing to see a Jewish person stand up and explicitly call a spade a spade. And deeply inspiring. Thank you for sharing this, Sage.

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You've done a wonderful thing by providing everyone with this transcript. Thank you!!! 🙌

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Thank you for sharing. Brilliant from Ms Sharav.

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The Soul of Doctor Mengele


I am the resurrection of the soul of Doctor Mengele,

Creating deadly viruses, inciting mass hysteria,

And hawking my experimental Spike-induction formula—

Then gleefully injecting every human in America.


I disallow the use of every safe, effective therapy;

I scoff at the significance of natural immunity.

And vitamins like C and D? You really must be kidding me!

My patented elixir is the only option—by decree.


I am the incarnation of the science of virology;

The Holy Prophet, in the flesh, of epidemiology.

The Lord of Immunology! The God of Vaccinology!

And don’t forget, the patron saint of puppy-torturology.


I preach the Covid Gospel and compulsively prevaricate;

Exalted by the media, I’m sanctioned to pontificate.

Covidians adore me while corona deaths proliferate,

And as the faithful “vaccinate,” fatalities accelerate.


I perfectly epitomize the megalomaniacal,

Presenting every symptom of the psychopathological,

And being mega-homicidal—medically despotical—

I am, indeed, a quintessential genocidal criminal.


The Institute in Wuhan has been very, very good to me;

Our gain-of-function research has been consummated fruitfully.

And Pfizer and Moderna have contributed most gainfully

To what will surely be the most horrific crime in history.


I have no qualms about committing crimes against humanity;

To stand accused, however, is an insult to my vanity.

And though the Code of Nuremberg attests my culpability,

I proudly plead “Not guilty, by divine infallibility.”


So, shroud your face and bare your arm and line up for another shot.

Now show your papers—Schnell!—or I vill lock you down right on ze spot!

Bow down and hail my glorious tyrannical Vaxtopia,

For I’m the second coming of Herr Doktor Josef Mengele.


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