Yeah, that pre-symp creation is pure diabilical gobbledygook, it's like saying : well because you are born you could be a hazard to the world so : stay home forever! Imagine if he had listened to Prof. D. Cahill, M. Yeadon. S. Bhakdi, would it have changed a thing? Or would we still be warped and sparred and gamed? Cheers!

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Not to mention that hospital ship Trump sent to NY that was returned unused months later.

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The problem is many of those who made mistakes because they too were duped still continuing their mistakes . Those who have the big power to correct their mistakes hasn’t done so! How can many of those who are in position unable to STOP the annihilation of the human race. Sage remember we are now up to 17 million dead by these bioweapon. Do we just forget, forgive and move ON while the MONSTERS running wild and continue to slaughtered children and innocent people? Hasn’t any imagine yet the catastrophic consequences of these bioweapon to our current and future generations? Only GOD knows what in those injections? Do you think they will stop on just Covid injections? What about the other vaccines? Childhood vaccines and other many vaccines out in the market! People must be so naive to think that these people have souls and they will stop and have MERCY! Do people think killing 17 million is for some someone who have a soul and mercy?

I am a health care worker in the nursing home. And many lives gone and still continuing. I know many health care worker are significantly injured and they are like ticking bomb! And at work they are introducing Artificial Intelligence in healthcare! And saying AI is good because people will Not need of Doctors because AI can help them to manage their health issues! They will be replacing people with AI and Robots!

This is WAR on humanity! And we should fight like a shoulder, for ourselves, our children, our family, our country and for humanity! Because they will Not stop until we STOP them!

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OMG Sage...a gorgeous golden feral cat with golden eyes adopted me some years back and gave birth in my closet to kittens that looked so much like those basket kittens! I couldn't stand how cute they were🥰

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Has Kory ever explained how, exactly, he came to be the medical expert for BOTH Ivermectin and George Floyd? I mean, what are the odds... ???

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Dr. Kory, it was premeditated murder.

Time to wake up.

They want us dead.

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About this idea that some Doctors were putting down people as if they were dogs, using drugs like midazolam, as part of a protocol.

There are two possibilities:

a) Those actions were part of the plan,

b) The plan said nothing about actually doing that when they started the live exercise, and instead the idea was to throw the rumor that they were doing that

I see a) very likely to be true. It is a great alibi. If the docs ever face a court of justice they can use the Nuremberg defense: "We were just following orders."

They can go further and blame the Judges: "Why didn't you stop us if the protocols were illegal, if the exercise was illegal, if playing pandemics is illegal? You are as guilty as we are!"

The b) case is more interesting. It's a new movie. Maybe the doctors/actors went overboard following the Stanislafsky method, just like the damned dancers improvised too damn much. Is being a bad actor an aggravating circumstance to homicide? I see lots of possibilities to this...

Or maybe we are seven levels deep in the 2020 Psyop, and we are supposed to pretend that no one got killed before the vaccines.

How do the spooks even keep track of where they are in this horrible treason against their own country?


I have decided to invent a hoax, just to see what happens. The following is totally an invention of my twisted imagination:

A source that shall remain unnamed has told me the reason why the lawn near the Arlington building remained intact when a plane hit the building in that Autumn day of 2001.

That lawn was a special project of genetically modified seeds of grass which started in the late 1970s. They wanted a lawn could withstand the destructive force by an attack with a plane.

The GMO seeds were patented, so we know it's true and they are totally real, and, get this, the patent lawyer name was Floyd K. George. After some googool searches, I learned the "K" stands for "King."

The Patent office was located in Babylon Avenue, number 33. The patent examiner was Dahmid Hamlinstein. The date on the patent of the GMO seeds is July 7th, 1977 at 12:34 p.m.

Sage, I cannot argue against FACTS!

The same source has told me that all the mass shootings since 1993 are psychological operations designed by Master Spy Tod Kachynski to demoralize and disarm the US population.

The mayl bombs are also a myth, according to my source. I told my source that's impossible. I believe those stories of mass shootings and they confirm all my ideological biases, and that's why they are true.

My source tells me to leave everything and start studying logic because I suck at logic. That's why I was bamboozled to believe that jet fuel cannot melt steel, when the fact is that it really melts steel.

My source tells me that the Darwinian theory of evolution by means of natural selection is true, and that Darwin and Malthus and Huxley and all the British nobility have never engaged in espionage. That's a hideous lie and exaggeration fabricated by Popists. The Jesuits, in particular.

The Jesuits are behind all the lies and propaganda against the superior British race that will rule the world when the eugenics programmes finally succeed and all the inferior races are replaced by bots.

The Jesuits also invented whiskey to destroy the superior Celtic Science of 1000 years ago.

The codename of my source is Rita. She's red haired and has green eyes. I don't know why but I believe everything she tells me. Next week she's going to bring documents that proof the existence of Visitors and their plans to invade this planet.

I just can't stop believing! She gives me hope! But if I think about it, I haven't seen her in person. Those pictures she sent me of her playing with a basket of kittens in a beach in Malta may be AI generated, right? Why Malta? I have to ask her about that, but she may start suspecting me if I do.

I don't know. Everything in this story seems too coincidental.

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I hope it isn't just becoming increaslingly obvious to me, but to many until now deniers, that the narrative is complete amongst these so called health freedom fighters of the pandemic. FLCCC was my go to place. Now they're all connected to TWC. MAM--Mainstream Alernative Media. Same thing just different faces. I guess its hard losing credentials, credibility and money. Yeah, Dr. Boz for coming clean!

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And didn't the Trump-er-oo get a million $macker$ from Pfizer, allegedly for his inauguration?

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Kittens are the best.

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If we all join together we can do ANYTHING!

Yaaaaay hoomans!

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So wearing a mask to protect yourself from (the non-existent corona virus -- other than a general flu) made people:

1) inhale too much carbon dioxide

2) look stupid

3) sound stupid

The fact these prestigious doctors (right?) WOULD NOT ENTERTAIN any type of cure (hydroxychloraquine, ivermectin, fenbendazole) other than the poison decided by the terrorists means, to me, that they should be taken to the town square and publically hung.

Take your passive do not comply and shove it where the sun doesn't shine.

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I guess Kory's sh$%*ng his pants now if he has any idea of how the 'faithful alternative news' fans have seen through his shenanigans.

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Kory sure is making the tier two rounds.

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The UK used two years supply of Midazolam in two months. Dr Andrew Hill trash a research paper supporting Ivermectin (his university got mega=dosh from Billy G soon after)

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So somewhere convolved in the ‘what if’ is to what extent the Fauxter was involved in the invocation of a dangerous disease shitfuckery. Dr Kory it seems assumes this — but would he have ordered its invention?

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