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I voted Chimichangas because, in truth, I think you’re both on point.

Plus, I think there’s a third rail.

Psy op campaign was potent, but some people (a good many!) were *already* fully bought into the world view that says, “If you’re not my doctor, or a health authority, then I don’t believe you.” Underlying tenet is they believe everything the medical/health establishment tells them.

The psy op on top of that just cemented their belief system with fear and hope that they could be saved by the same establishment.

The people who rationalized or went all in on the psychosis did so to protect themselves like a psychic circuit breaker. I have no doubt this is true for a large number. This is also a protective surge protector for the psy op victims and the medical church throng.

I see it as a complex of overlaid layers. Some people have one or two, some have all three.

Maybe the ones with only one layer might be open marginally to changing their outlook. The ones with multiple layers are hard nuts to crack. It may run too deep.

Thus, I don’t see it as one or the other, or equal. Chimichangas!

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There is also a distinct fear of all things nature, that primed the covidians to become zealots. Science for them is what allowed us to climb out of primordial barbarism. It is also true that despite their pretensions to agnosticism and atheism, science has merely replaced God, or in some cases like proxy for God, in the infrastructure of their psyche. That they are ignorant of this makes them especially dangerous, as those of us who are dissenters on this come to represent the proverbial devil, demons and also uncivilized savages, and they are not constrained by any fear of God.

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"That may be the case for a small percentage, but in my experience, many of those who felt coerced resented being put in that position and strongly regretted complying, especially if they experienced side effects."

And that's the group you don't want to upset. Those are the normies with a bit of sense and pride. Nobody with dignity wants to do something against their will. This was a monumental error by the ignorant and arrogant authorities and their shills. IF these shots are indeed as devastating as being claimed. this is the group that will explode.

When and if they do, get out of the way.

The other part to this is humans need to face adversaries. It's in our nature. That's why we war. We're not a complacent species. Covid was 'war' for the idle. For the people who had become mentally atrophied and lost any sense of challenge in their lives. The mask was a weapon and the 'vaccine' the initiation into the army; a delusional and ignorant army.

I'll stop here.

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I know some people who had to get the shot to keep their job, but are not covidians. they just don't want to talk about it either way. their friend died of mad cow disease! they are just trying to survive in the world they are stuck in.

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Mathew just posted (https://roundingtheearth.substack.com/p/the-science-virus-part-2-machine) this quote, and it seemed pertinent to our attempts to understand the relationship between thoughts, words, and actions:

Watch your thoughts, they become words;

Watch your words, they become actions;

Watch your actions, they become habits;

Watch your habits, they become character;

Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

—Lao Tzu

To extrapolate: who controls our thoughts controls our words, who controls our words controls our actions, and so on. It all starts with mind control through propaganda and psychological manipulation.

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The cheese is always free in the mousetrap... But once sprung the mouse cannot escape. Or it is dead. One of the two... though I have witnessed a trap that pierced an electric cable and electrocuted a mouse... Outlier.

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Always a delight to engage with someone of your diamond-sharp intelligence and wit, Sage!

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Here's an anecdote from Bulgaria, which didn't have a psyops campaign in 2020-21 when I was stranded there. In my last few days there, when I took a train to Sofia to catch a plane out of there, finally, I met a Bulgarian who had just been vaxxed. He was very critical of the whole situation, but he had to be vaxxed in order to go to England, to help his wife move from there back to Bulgaria. She wanted to bring her furniture back to Bulgaria and needed his help. That's why he got vaxxed. This was too early for there to be a lot of information about side effects, but this guy didn't buy in for sure.

He was not an intellectual, was a retired train operator, whatever the name for someone who drives trains. He was highly intelligent and he introduced me to Bulgarian poetry, he spoke excellent English. My impression was that many Bulgarians are like this, underemployed but very sharp.

Also: a recent statistic is that Bulgaria is either the least or one of the least vaxxed countries in the EU, and also has one of the lowest Covid rates.

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Too bad Doug won't see how misled he was.

Too soon?

As for Topolino (mouse in Italian), his Scripps is tied to NIH. Follow the money. Enough said.

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Interesting discussion! I think the buy in of the jab did it for many, but certainly not all. It really relates to where the starting point was on what constitutes a violation of bodily autonomy: for some like me, that began with masks even before jabs entered the equation. Some are total whores that will do absolutely anything no matter how degrading. Most of this is playing out at a subconscious level. I've seen some that had to buy into the whole enchilada (why aren't those in your vote?) but others who could accept one thing (my mother with facemasks) but not another (no jabs for her). Yes there would be a protective mechanism to convince yourself after the fact that what you are doing is not that bad or risky that would cause a doubling down, so the jab did it for some. Others finally got to feel part of something and didn't care about their body to begin with...

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I was trying to find a comment crack, that this premise fit into below, but didn't.

I think what we are seeing is, the equation is not a simple one. Below we discuss conformity, loyalty, submissiveness, egotism, stubbornness, evil intent, coercion, supplanted theism, fear of loss (jobs), and more.


Another aspect, I would humbly add, is laziness...the unwillingness to expend mental energy,

Have you ever been discussing a heavy topic, with someone and see their eyes glaze over??

Maybe with someone in poor health, who's eating horribly asks, how do you stay so fit and healthy...as you are explaining how easy it would be to make small dietary changes (if they wanted to)...you see the blank animatronic stare overtake them.

At some point the prospect of research (reading a few articles), comprehension, change in shopping habits, meal planning/prep and then resolve...overwhelms them...you watch the donut glaze flow over their pupils and you know they are done.

My brother is like this...you can literally hear it happen, over the phone.

I think many decided quickly, that it was just too much to have to dig through or too hard to paddle against the information current and so just went along with the flow.

My brother is a smart guy, started his own business, does management consultation for universities and corporations, and is a conservative. So not stupid, incapable of research or a party shill.

I think there are many like him, that when overwhelmed by information, the process or the totality of something...even something life threatening...they shutdown. It's a non-coping, coping mechanism...much like rabbits, that will freeze (as a first instinct) in the face of a predator.

Once this self imposed acquiescence happens, for this sub group, they often choose to wear one or more of the psychological hats, mentioned below.

I think T-fish (and others) mentioned cognitive dissonance, which covers the majority of the willing and unwilling covidians....the exception are the true believers, who see this as a religion.

For the dissonance and "mental laziness"...the easy (non-covid) examples are over weight doctors and nurses. Of all the people in the world, who should know the dangers of poor health and obesity, they are it. If you have ever listened to them, they will say, they know they need to make changes, but have no time or energy....coincidentally, the same things they hear from their patients.

Pass by any nurses station and there will be a bowl/bag of candy present.

The road less traveled is less traveled, because the first mile is uphill and many are unwilling to put in the effort.

Same with the scamdemic and every other issue we are facing today.

It's easier to not do the research, reading, and digging, even if it means you die from your "laziness".

I've seen this multiple times with family, "friends and co-workers, when discussing varied topics.

My stance has always been (long before covid) I'm not here to convince you of anything. If you ask me for my opinion, I will tell you. I could care less if you find value in it.

The only time I will care, is if/when you try and make me do something I do not want to do. Then I will try and convince you to mind your own F'ing business. And I WILL care if you listen to me or not.

The danger is, as has been said many times before, that the covidians are ensconced within the global regimes, so they/their actions have sway over our daily lives. Any momentum or footholds they gain, effect us all.

So for me, it's a matter of expediency...would red pilling them be faster, than just letting them die off from the jabs?? After-all the compounding effects of multiple boosters, seems to be in the upswing.

The only issue is, the ones at the top, didn't get the sludge... so attrition for them will have to look much different...G&Gs.

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Branch Covidian mega sponsor Walgreens quadrupling down on booster, 5 year olds this time. New TV ad shows pregnant mother getting jabbed. Sick!


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There is no tribe without culture. There is no culture without cult.

Members of a cult include:

1. Those who opted in - whether through direct sales (psyop) or through initiation (act of submission).

2. Powerless children and others without agency that were dragged in - including those who perceived themselves as having no agency - i.e., the coerced.

3. Those with Stockholm Syndrome (come from category 2).

4. Those about to apostate (come from categories 1 or 2).

If the cult persists long enough, people can be born into it. They still become one of the four eventually.

We’re dealing with a global cult that was formed with the foreknowledge of what cementing mechanisms were needed to maintain the cult against a mountain of disconfirming evidence. Whereas cults of the past were maintained through charismatic leaders that used trial and error, and occasionally brute force, this one has been mostly maintained like a finely-tuned, expertly-engineered engine. Though brute force has been used where needed.

The question I have been struggling to understand, is why have the police supported this nonsense? Ostensibly, there should be among them *at least* the same percentage of “infidels”.

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I think the _early_ maskers, January to April, were _not_ cultists. They were plain cautious. The cultists started masking much later.

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think we need to introduce another character into the barnyard story: the chicken farmer.

chicken farmer has been getting the flock to follow orders for just about as long as there have been chickens and farmers. brilliant piece from unbekoming on the asch conformity experiment today:


the psy-op was fine-tuned to the nth degree but the deadliest thread in the web is conformity. ancient mass survival mechanism, easily perverted by cunning controllers. posse leaders who convince the tribe that the fertile land just over the horizon is populated by demons. self-styled shamans who twist the ritual of connecting with the spirits into mantras of conditioning and compliance.

fast forward to 2020 and the methods of divide and conquer are infinitely more sophisticated. start the poisoning early with the childhood vaccine schedule, then add antidepressants to stifle the urge to procreate and isolate everyone with social media. then launch the big lie and watch them mindlessly swallow it just as they swallow everything else they're fed.

trouble is, covidianism wore off after awhile, except with the true believers who will just take booster after booster until they're dead. but even if the cdc numbers are correct (i think they're pure bs and highly inflated) that leaves only 2-4% of the population still in the covidian camp.

and look at what a precipitous drop there has been in kids being subjected to the childhood vaccine schedule. at this point i'm wary of being overly optimistic, but all the same i see a sea change.

tidal wave to follow. stand back.

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I think most people never considered their "elected leaders" and their "health authorities" were either complicit in harming them deliberately, indifferent to harming them, utterly incompetent, or some combination of the above. They thought we lived in the world most of us thought we lived in that we probably never lived in. IMO most complied because of fear or concern for grandma or the "nudge". The loud voices in media and social might be Covidians, but, imo, most of the jabbed were not and are not. I think most of the jabbed are now too fearful to go down the dark alley of adverse events, long-term risks, and the cull...especially if they coerced loved ones or children or employees into getting jabbed.

It appears that Doug sat one table over from the KoolKidsTable and thought, perhaps, shilling for Pharma might be his ticket into the club. Unfortunately, Doug made a bad gamble and lost.

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I have at least a dozen people who I repeatedly warned DO NOT GET THE JABS and gave concrete reasons why not to. None had AE. My persistence kept up and all but 1 DID NOT get number 3. I do know that the messaging was fucking relentless, I swear at one point that I could hear 'safe and effective' coming from one of my teeth fillings.

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Excellent Sage! Another thought provoking post! This was worth the monthly subscription by itself!!!!!

All the comments and responses are well thought and engaging. Well done ALL! 👏🏻

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Sometimes it’s as simple as just taking the opposing view as reflex.

Amazon, out of the blue, decides to remove NAC from the store? The Bubba gene In Yeti activated and I ate NAC like popcorn.

Bubbas have a very, very healthy and deep seeded distrust of authority and for centuries of good reason.

“ Those of you who think the

vaccine kills people can use me as a

test. If I die, you were right. If I don't

die, and have no ill effects, you were

wrong, and should admit it (at least to


This man did not have the Bubba gene.

It could be that your life’s purpose is to serve as a warning to others. Nature doesn’t select for the midwits.

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I am distraught that "Equally Tacos and Chimichangas" was not a choice.

BTW, I wonder if you're aware that these quizzes are killing your "like/love" counts.

I usually read the post, like it and am then taken to the pit of comments. Answering the quiz takes you right to comments, so I bet most people then forget to like. Or maybe most people, unlike me, are getting wise to your game. Hmmmmm....

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I have a friend, my age and very conservative, who did not buy into any of the Covid propaganda. Most of her family took the shots, but she didn’t! That’s until her son blackmailed her into either getting the shots or not seeing grandchildren. The daughter in law is a nurse at a pediatrician’s office and bought in completely. Friend took the one and done or else. She really doesn’t like to discuss the shots now and even asked me if I had taken it and when a friend died at the hospital from the protocols she said she was glad she had taken it. She still doesn’t want her grandkids to get vaccinated. Son told her they were as soon as they could. Idk if they did or not. I hate to ask my friend because she was so worried about it.

Edited to make sense(I hope ) because I don’t always proofread and the auto crap messes me up all the time with my big fat thumb.

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Can we please dedicate an article to the fake-baffled, squirming, phony Dr. Drew? I find him to be an interesting category on of his own; ie: the slow, pretend-to-awaken publicly on podcast while continuing to administer shots and playing devils advocate (and little helper). thank you (if nothing else but for a laugh)

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MAA said it well up above but I also think the conditioning to choose your tribe over choosing to think for yourself or ask uncomfortable questions started years ago.

When the media created TDS and people got divorced from it or stopped talking to friends and family because god forbid anyone vote for someone the media decided was the new Antichrist, I knew things had gone off the rails in a really scary way and I had a bad feeling that more horror was to come.

And what a horror show it is!

As an aside grocery stores like Kroger have been conditioning people to accept CBDC’s for years now with their points rewards tracking systems and gas credits. I try to do as much shopping as I can at independent shops that don’t use these tracking and point rewards systems.

I hope enough people can open their eyes to reality to create a truly human centered society and to burn Big Pharma and the banking cartels to the ground.

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The taunt by Mr. Universe was unsettling. What is it with these people? He certainly was a believer, but the extreme hubris. Makes it hard to feel sorry for him. Wonder how many shots he took over those eighteen months. Notice there is no mention of the "sudden and unexpected" death, but not saying it, is saying it, these days. They'll want to get a cause of death out there lickety split before people put two and two together and get four - if it can take out Mr. Universe, it can surely take out you!

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Thanks for this sage!

Too late to the party to add much.

Cognitive dissonance once people made that initial, fateful, misstep....

Some kind of deep, sadistic, opportunity to virtue signal that us "jab hesitant" were killing those around them due to our selfishness. (The nurse who made a point of talking about that whenever I was around passed due to sudden, aggressive lymphoma. RIP)

IMO, it's not just the jabs. It's lots of cultural/political shibboleths (pushed by soros/wef?), and it's kind of sad.

They're killing us.

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I saw a great cartoon today on which came first the chicken or the egg.

It shows a chicken and an egg in bed together in a post coital position. The egg is completely satisfied with a happy smile and eyes looking up remembering a happy event. The chicken is frowning and looking over at the egg with a frustrated, disapproving expression. She comments, "Well I guess that settles that old argument!"

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Without the fear nudge no one would get vaccinated. Did anyone get vaccinated against ebola? Against malaria? Against mers? Against H1N1? Against bird flu? I remember all these so-called threats. If the threat wasn't hyped as a deadly pandemic, and I didn't hear of anybody disabled by the infection, I just ignored it. However, when a great fear and a great remedy are simultaneously presented (and a great threat you will lose your job if you don't get jabbed), many people will want the "cure" and take the jab. They will feel a great relief. NOW I feel protected. My government and consensus doctors are taking care of me. Why would they give that up? Don't try to red pill people by telling them their "protection" is lousy. They immediately feel that fear when they think of leaving off the mask, mingling with other people, foregoing the latest booster. Instead, tell them there's a better way. No need for vaccines if you protect yourself with vitamin D3, anti viral nasal sprays. You probably won't get infected if you boost your immune system in this way. Also there are many doctors able to treat Covid without hospitalization or long term problems by using repurposed drugs, supplements, steroids, etc. In other words, Covid is an infection that can be avoided and treated without ineffective and risky vaccine products. Say No to myocarditis and strokes!

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Don’t forget the effects of Trump Derangement Syndrome, George Floyd snuff film, BLM riots, isolation ...

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Fking clap Sage ...

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Doug the Body Builder wasn't using his skeptical eyebrow and brain. People who did their research did so without paying close attention to the cues that something was off. They just saw there was a virus but couldn't accept and incorporate the possibility some sort of scam was in play. For me, it became very obvious when they began when jargon started to enter the lexicon like 'we're in this together' and 'we don't get out of this unless everyone in the world is vaccinated' (which should have lit the light bulb in the brain but it didn't. Really? A vaccine for a coronavirus?) soon contradicting each other. It was so painfully obvious by June 2020 the virus wasn't cooperating and that's when they began to exaggerate and blow this thing up with hyperbole, junk science and data whipping people into hysteria.

So Doug was too trusting of the narrative and didn't consider the agenda.

And bought into all the bull shit about how 'safe' mRNA was because they had been 'working on it for 20 years'. That one made me laugh.

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I hope Topol is getting his 4th or 5th covid shot.

Do it for the team, Dr. Topol!

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😿tragedy on steroids 😿

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I do think that many still cling to the Covidian mantra because they don't want to face buyer's remorse. Once coming to the voluntary decision to get jabbed, they look only for support in having made that choice.

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Interesting exchange ladies, though my gut feeling (as software designer and flowchart kind of guy) is that both chicken and egg are an oversimplification of the driving motivations of the various Covidians. I can't speak authoritatively to the motivations or Topol or Brignole but the thought occurs to me that some people are just assholes.

There are doctors who make a living as debunkers or professional experts that, long before the plandemic, dismissed RFK Jr's Don Quixote battle to prove vaccines cause autism and heart disease as BS. Chalk it up to the assumption that "progress of medical science" is always good. I am reminded of Kerry Mullis' comment (Which they would dismiss) that he was bewildered when he discovered there were no "old wise men" of science in medicine.

I said to a friend the other day who was explaining his fear of the cholesterol in my bacon, "Doctor's are usually full of shit. Some are good mechanics... like the one who turned my broken noodle back into an ankle, but they don't study nutrition. They discount it or get it wrong." He responded nastily, "OK yeah. Doctors are all wrong! I guess that's why life expectancies continue to rise year on year!!!" I responded, "Not the last couple of years... (thanks to pfizer's pfraud) and in The Real Anthony Fauci, RFK Jr. notes that infectious diseases were mostly eradicated by clean water and improved sanitation..." His response? "Oh, I suppose that makes sense" didn't need to cede any faith in medical "science", so it was easy to get.

Some people's response to a difference of opinion is, "Screw you dumbass!! I'm smarter than you!" It was that way before Injection-19, and is now. Petty 'gamma' petulant behavior is more common now than ever before in my life (thanks to Twitter and Facetube), even in otherwise nice people.

When I see people wearing masks in the grocery store or open air produce "flea-markets" here in the relatively free state of Florida, I can usually group them into one of two categories:

1. Elderly or frail, in poor health, or just cowardly - living in fear.

2. Self-righteous assholes.

I tell my wife mask addiction has its benefits. "You can see an asshole from 40 yards away," and give them a wide berth.

Each person has their own psychological peccadillos, but I suspect very few became Covidians after being badgered into taking the jab. I suspect Mr. Brignole, rest his soul, was always smarter than everybody else.... until he wasn't... He may have been a great guy otherwise. Never underestimate an otherwise confident person's need for acceptance to make them behave like an asshole.

I think a lot of the Covidians know they are full of crap, subconsciously, and it pisses them off. They go "all in" in an attempt to make reality bend to their will. I think it comes from a soft easy air-conditioned existence with little to no accountability for their actions especially when they dutifully follow the herd.

All that will change when they have to grow their own food and defend it to survive. We are about to be plunged into the crucible of reality and most of them will not be coming with us. And when reality hits them they are going to be pissed and somewhat dangerous.

Sage, have you filled that pantry yet and planted those yams???

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I have a theory and it’s similar to why people join the US military. People want to prove to themselves and others their bravery. But only a small percentage actually join. In a world that has become so easy, how does one prove to themselves that they are brave? How does someone get to the same level that the military is worshiped at without having served? Many tangents here.

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I’m def. not caught up with all the comments, but wanted to throw in a similar dynamic that struck me sometime in 2020.

Many years ago, I read something about pimps forcing prospective but uneasy prostitutes to participate in or at least witness brutal murders, to psychologically destroy whatever is left of their independent moral judgment faculties and will to resist, because by participating in the act they see themselves as complicit and beyond redemption. It’s a way of breaking their will.

I can’t remember where or when I first read about this procedure through which the pimp binds the prostitute to the criminal enterprise and destroys her capacity to fight back or leave.

But when the psy-op began and I realized what it was, I was reminded of that procedure. Especially the coerced self-destructive act of taking the jab *against your will.* A

Andreas Oehler had a great piece about this the other day, explaining Michael Kowalik’s work on the right to refuse and ontological dimension of personhood.


[coerced or] “mandatory vaccination violates bodily autonomy and thus constitutes actual harm (not merely a risk of harm) to any person made to accept vaccination under duress. This type of harm is not negated by any positive health effect of the procedure but constitutes a distinct category; it affects the ontological dimension of personhood.”

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And I thought Twitter was banning people who posted (pinned) false information such as what Mr Topol posts. Guess it depends on who you are and what narrative you are pushing!!!

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The majority of people in this country are already under a spell. One only has to notice most of the comments from those that refused the initial vax with statements such as, "I'm not anti-vax I'm just not sold on this vax". What they fear is being labeled anti-vax like it in itself is the fk'n plague or something. The Communist among us have been using terms (labels) such as this along with racist, homophobic and many more with the granddaddy of them all, conspiracy theorist.

Myself I'm not only anti-vax but anti allopathic medicine period.

Quit worshipping at the alter of Pharma.

Oh and the answer is Taco's ... isn't it obvious !!

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Love this post. You and MAA both deserve medals! 😍

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Great exchange. Enjoyed it!!

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I went looking for Doug Brignole, who died so suddenly and unexpectedly.

His friend is stunned and obviously heartbroken... He'd just spoken to him.



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I think you are both correct on the order of the psychological imprisonment. For some folk, the zealotry came well before the jab. For others, it came after.

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Sorry, I'm late to the party. Not a criticism just an observation. Munchausen Syndrome, thanaphobia or OCD seem to rarely rate a mention in the development of covidianism. My sibling and I had impassioned pleas from another sibling to take the shots. Resulting refusal created much angst and tears. These days, her weekly reports of dead friends and acquaintances confirms both her decision and mine?

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Heads up college students! There's enough sociology, philosophy, psychology, public health, statistics, poly-sci, risk management, and game theory material in this post and stack for an entire graduate or doctoral thesis. No joke.

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Oct 16, 2022·edited Oct 16, 2022

Baptism by The Mask.

First Communion by The Jab(s)

Confirmation of faith by The Booster.

Additional Boosters could be a simple Rosary, a pilgrimage, or even recreation of the Crucifixion.






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Should be called Covidiots, not Covidians.

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A bit off topic, excuse me, and if already covered on Sage's Newsletter, or one has other sources, heartily welcome the link(s). As un-jabbed, with my family (fortunate to be in a country not having mandates...but they did for awhile start down the path of vaccine passports, but then fortunately reversed that madness...so not taking any special pride in myself or family other than it was nip-and-tuck for awhile with family members as I was the only one doing the homework...but finally they fortunately listened) : blood supplies. Can they be trusted, examples where those who have received blood might have found that it contained blood donated by the jabbed, etc. ? I received information from a Jehovah's Witness by PM on FB after she kindly responded to a post on the "Died Suddenly-News" FB site. I'm a total newbie to thinking about storing blood for myself or my family. In any case, the link she sent me is here, but I heartily welcome other advice/opinions: https://www.jw.org/en/library/books/How-Can-Blood-Save-Your-Life/?fbclid=IwAR1bZ748mQUxd5Zijdn0p1pQFpmLGZHnjj1B1sWkqlarTLXxkqOgh19nqI8

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COVID-19 is a false flag operation to usher in the new world order.

They are forging death certificates to inflate the figures.

Do your research!

Say NO to: martial law, mandatory vaccines, one world currency, and cashless society.

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