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One thing that always jumps out at me is how all these psychopaths torture animals and call it research. Remember when they told us that kids who kill animals are suspect and need watching and sometimes turn into serial killers? So these animal torturers are getting away with it big time because they use the results of their animal torturing to torture humans in a slow death spiral from pHarma drugs, vaccines, and diseases. (that they make bank off of while they slowly torture their victims) And it starts in the lab where they have abandoned any semblance of humanity by being okay with animal torture. WTAF. Rant over.

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Nov 27, 2023Liked by Sage Hana

Watching how all of this has unfolded, I believe this is just the beginning. Enough people (if not most) have either moved on, or are in line as we speak at CVS to get another booster and a box of fresh masks. The media has swept it all under the carpet, and the CDC is pushing C-19, RSV, and Flu MRNA. The viruses (totally not planned or manmade) will be coming fast and furious for the foreseeable future. Especially as we get closer to the election. Most people didn't learn a thing during the last Plandemic, and are not interested in hearing anything other than what their favorite talking head on TV tells them. Of course Ralphie, Billy Gates, Troll-Fauci and the crew rely on this. Even if some doubt is stirring in a segment of the population, Horse and Company know that most people are incapable of reconciling that they want to kill us. If you like your doctor (you can keep your doctor) they will be telling you at your next appointment about all of the great vaccinations you "qualify" for. The wording is important, because hearing that you qualify for something triggers desire in most normies. Kind of like receiving the leg lamp with fishnet stockings in "A Christmas Story" with the original Ralphie. Except this Christmas the prize will be more MRNA from Ralphie Baraic. I hear the really sexy gals are wearing fishnet masks this season.

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Sage, thank you for exposing Ralphie Bear.

I can't understand why/how he keeps flying under the radar.

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Nov 27, 2023Liked by Sage Hana

Well done SH.

I had a blood test over the weekend. I haven't had any covid shots. I did have covid in August of 2021. My c-reactive protein tripled. Could be inflammation to do with the heart.

I already have an autoimmune condition (prior to covid)... that can cause my immune system to attack my eyes, lungs or heart.

Coronavirus induced myocarditis studied in labs where they attempt to make things more deadly and more contagious?

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The deception is only designed to last up to a point. What's after that? It's such a fragile narrative. It's designed to fracture. When they don't care to maintain the facade of propaganda anymore, it's as if they know the damage is already done. It's time to move onto the next op. Operation boom boom. America gets to be the home team for WW3 this time. The hotels are going to make a killing.

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Oh and by the way. Thanks a million, Ralphie Bear. Thanks to your evil ass and your tweaked bug I have to get jump started with high voltage Friday.

If it doesn’t work I’m going to be in a really nasty and reflective kind of mood.

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Nov 27, 2023Liked by Sage Hana

Years and years of research. They play the LONG game.

All planned waiting on the right time.

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Nov 27, 2023·edited Nov 27, 2023

Smith-Mundt Modernization - continued

Sage sed:

"The Truth is like a Lion.

You just have to hide it and Nothing Burger Empty Room Senate Hearings and WEF Room podcasts ‘cuz turns out Father Damian is indeed a fucking pedophile."

This keeps knockin on ma door...

While I don't know the specific contents of the revised ( Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012) act, my understanding is that it was a 180 degree reversal: protective act becomes predatory/permissive act.

Citizens aware of the change might

feel compelled to re-examine:

1) Sandy Hook( Dec2012 event, possibly quite close to bill passage, unsure)

2) FLA Stoneman highschool shooting

3) Uvalde school shooting

4) George Floyd psyop in Minneapolis

5) JAN6th " Insurrection"

6) Covid Psyop- BioWeapon/Injections- TurboCancer/Genocide

Great chunks of these events could LEGALLY be totally false, and the product of government planning and crisis actors.

All "Commitee Investigations" before the US Congress post-2012 ....Jan6th, Twitter/Social Media Hearings/ Ron Johnson's CV19 Hearings ...are, imo , ALL suspect, as *potentially, _LEGAL _psyops*.

None of which are pleasant to digest in a Republic, or a "Representative Democracy".

In hindsight, it was, and IS a PROFOUNDLY UnConstitutional Act...and made it LEGAL TO LIE TO, and TO DECEIVE We The People.

And it hasn't stopped.

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I think many of them are pedo’s. Which would explain a lot of thing that seem inexplicable.

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*Pulls on leather gloves, swings light bulb. "Bring in Mister Baric."

Very good super sniffing there Detective Hana.

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Nov 28, 2023·edited Nov 28, 2023Liked by Sage Hana

Bravo, well done.

I had been superficially following the development of the mRNA tech for many years. So, when they rolled out the DEATHVAX with the main mod being promocode: poly-A tail I did what you did - only took a few hours of paper searching and noped out of there. Tried to warn others and life ruined, on all the lists.

o/t but absolutely ON TOPIC:

I heard some audio of 'that' X-files episode where Scully is talking about CRISPR and gene insertion etc etc. A male voice (not sure if Mulder) says:

"They will do it on a Friday. They will crash the banks, then the digital enslavement" (para).

They will do it on a Friday (Day Tapes)

I made a specific point to talk about this in my article at the end where 'there will be no martyrs.'

-End game: arrival of the totalitarian global system

-The new system would occur on a weekend in the winter. Everything would shut down on Friday evening and Monday morning when everybody wakened there would be an announcement that the New System was in place.


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Wow, just wow. 💥🎯🔥👏❤️ Sometimes I just love your Monday posts. This was one of those. 😊❤️

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Nov 27, 2023·edited Nov 27, 2023

Strange how they created these latest Herd Culling experimental vaccines based on the spike protein and how they all seem to be causing heart issues.

To be fair, they target all organs, without exception. If (when) the heart and brain are damaged, the fallout is more likely to result in death than with the other organs.

Had never heard about the bunny coronaviruses specifically targeting the heart, but it could be expected that said bunnies had serious infections which destroyed the lungs and got into the bloodstream.

The vast majority of humans did not get serious infections, and killed it while still in the throat, so it is doubtful any, especially young, healthy persons were at risk from this.

Unlike the mRNAs, or rather the LNPs, that go everywhere, including the heart. When a heart, or any other, cell starts to produce a foreign protein, the immune system will behave exactly like it's supposed to and try to kill the cell. If enough heart cells are damaged, it's goodnight.

Postmortems have backed up the lymphocyte destruction theory:


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Dec 2, 2023Liked by Sage Hana

Aren’t these the same anthrax players? Don’t forget whose pushing these ppl forward, Navy intel Mercer boy Bannon

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