Why was Accused Anthrax Bomber Steven Hatfill Peter Navarro's Trump Administration "Secret Weapon" and not Coronavirus Expert Ralph Baric?

Since we had a "coronavirus" pandemic and stuff. 🤔

Random thoughts:

  1. Malone says “protect humans in North America”.

Odd choice of words.

  1. These guys, Peter Navarro and Dr. Robert Malone are in a Mutual Admiration Society. What are the odds that they have had numerous private conversations? Would make sense as Steven Hatfill and Bob sure are pals and Hatfill found himself on Navarro’s Expert Coronavirus Pandemic Staff much like Bob Malone found himself on the guest couch of a billionaire power broker in the state which had a botched nuke test in 2018 and found itself on fire whilst fellow Richie Rich Ed Dowd found himself penning a Malone Doctrine. 😅

  2. "The evidence is there, that in my opinion, this virus was engineered. And as my friend Steven Hatfill likes to point out, there is a sequence that looks like it could be what we call a super-antigen."

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  1. Any particular reason that Peter Navarro did not enlist SECRET WEAPON Ralph Baric, the coronavirus expert, who knows ALL ABOUT ENGINEERING SUPER-ANTIGENS IN THE LAB? You know, since we were dealing with a damned CORONAVIRUS THREAT?

Let’s move on to how long this diabolical gain of function, err…bioweapon angle has been going on.


Below is the document that Gumby is quoting from:


#3, #4, #5, are studies about coronavirus induced myocarditis in rabbits.

From Baric’s CV listed above, it is unclear if they were gain of function induced myocarditis studies, or simply observational to recognize and study the links between coronavirus and myocarditis. The name of all three studies indicate at the least, that they are aware enough of the link to study the phenomenon.

It is entirely possible that these were preliminary observational studies, and that the potential for enhancement (gain of function) was most definitely possible later in Baric’s career. Baric is in fact well known for gain of function research.

It is possible that this was purely observational. Which opens up the same can of worms.

Even if it was strictly observational, the reality is that the experimental “vaccines” for SARS-Cov2 all use the spike protein to create antibodies and all create significantly enhanced myocarditis risks.

Thus, this should have been a known risk, although now we are seeing lots of goalpost moving about whether spike protein is the culprit or one of many culprits and also if any of this was real at all.

And the people who know…all seem to be sitting on panels mouthing Nothing Burger platitudes and warning about more Dangerous Germs to come.

This is the phenomena that Dr. Mike Yeadon refers to as “something awful is happening.” (with the creation of the exp. injections.)

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Dr. Mike Yeadon: "By Summer of 2020...something awful is happening."
Watch now (2 min) | Here’s the smoking gun going into the Cull. They all picked the spike. We aaaallll bundle. Why? Next I’m going to find the video where Dr. Mike explains how the UK ordered up lots of end of life drugs, such as Midazolam and morphine to expedite the Culling through the surge of hospitalizations…and blew right through them…
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I keep seeing this weird word in these studies by Ralphie Bear.

That word is…VIRUS.

Boy our lovely government sure is fascinated with making viruses more dangerous…you know, to HELP US AND STUFF. (*see the above added section.)

So all the way back in 1986 in Ralph Baric’s University of North Carolina lab, Ralphie was involved in studying how *coronaviruses induce myocarditis.

Talk about playing the Herd Culling long game. China ain’t got nothing on our guys!

This makes me SADS.

1987 Pub Med Study on Rabbit Coronaviruses and the Heart

Ralph Baric Post, Part 2

Okay, fam, this is really not my beat, it’s more Igor’s angle, so if this is a big fat nothing burger, I do apologize.

But I am just curious about this study which seems to coincide with Ralphie Bear and funders’ sudden interest in rabbits.


The above comparative study is published in Pub Med in 1987.

Johns Hopkins and the WHO determined that Rabbit Coronaviruses target the heart and cause death. (“causative agent”)

Fun detail at the bottom of the study!

Vaccination with calf diarrhea coronavirus (CDCV) provided no protection (to the rabbits).


Also some kind of antibody link is demonstrated with humans.

(I’m not a scientist, so I’m trying my best to get up to speed here.)

At this same juncture in time, 1986-1987, Ralph Baric of UNC, begins securing grants and studying…rabbit coronaviruses and its effect on the heart.

This research continues into the ‘90s, (and beyond).

So that is reasonable. I think.

To want to study a death causing agent in a relatable species.

To…maybe figure out a way to prevent it from targeting the heart.

Sure. I can see that.

Ralph’s CV, linked in the last post.


Probably nothing, right.

Just studying rabbit coronaviruses that are shown to attack the heart with links to human beings.

To maybe see if coronaviruses attack the human heart and stuff!

Years and years of research.

Also, complement fixing antibodies to the human coronaviruses 229E (two way cross) and 0C43 (one way cross) were demonstrated in surviving rabbits.

Strange how they created these latest Herd Culling experimental vaccines based on the spike protein and how they all seem to be causing heart issues.

Ralphie Bear has been studying coronaviruses and how it induces myocarditis in bunnies going back to the '80s, (Hey, Remember the ‘80’s?!!), and securing funding because of how this translates to human hearts, and flash forwards now, 30-freaking years later, it looks like those doggone bats with their TOTALLY NATURALLY OCCURRING CORONAVIRUSES THAT SHOW POTENTIAL FOR HUMAN EMERGENCE are cropping up.


And then in 2019, Event 201 warns about this same threat, and then it weirdly happens!!!

Thank God, the experts funded by Bill and Melinda Gates were on the case, and table top game planning for what happened right quick and thank God we had a plan for how to deal with it.

Thank you Bill and Melinda and Johns Hopkins and Intelligence Community.




Who sent the Anthrax letters that gave us the Patriot Act?


Bob will say anything to anybody.

Big Mad about the BAD FDA on WEF Room with Steve Bannon.

Or…Mistakes were made? ::wompwomp::sad trombone::

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All they can do now is keep lying, obfuscating, making it seem like the Science was Dolts Botching Shit and let’s move on and look forwards and have more and more bullshit Freedom “Summits” where they sit on a panel and fellate each other…

None of this was a mistake.

This was a long planned operation from the richest people in the world who are busy turning all of your WEF Room and Trump Staffers and Clinton Administration Old School lefties and Propaganda Experts into clowns in real time.

Fuck off.

The Truth is like a Lion.

You just have to hide it in Nothing Burger Empty Room Senate Hearings and WEF Room podcasts ‘cuz turns out Father Damian is indeed a fucking pedophile.



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