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The central bankers knew it was coming as pointed out by John Titus: at the Jackson Hole's meeting James Bullard chair of the St Louis Federal Reserve Bank said to the Financial Times on the 08.25 of 2019: Something is about to happen […] We must simply stop thinking that next year things are going to be normal. (or something like that).

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So, not to be a complete and utter arsehat BUT [gotta love a good 'but' in them thar wordz]..

But, I effing kid you not, as a teenager in drama class, I literally came up with this scamdemic type scenario [only mine was fear of 'nukes' and not 'pathogenic biowarfare']. where I was basically CONTROLLING the audience in a movie theatre based on whatever I piped to them via the theatre speakers! Through the speakers I imaginarally controlled my 'audience' through FEAR of a BIO WEAPON! I was effing 17 years old when I did this!

My drama teachers [lefties duh and lesbos] were ENTHRALLED with my interpretation of mind control of the 'stoopids'. Little did they 'know' that I was creating such a 'play' as a warning and not a 'release valve' for the perpetually 'placeboed'.

From this day, hence forth, we are awake and we see humanity being RedRum'd whilst we try to exist on some 'plane of sanity'...

I ask many of you, who read these brilliant minds who have been summarily silenced by evil intent....

Are we together? Are we united? Are we strong?

Because without each other?

Our Placebo smiles

Can no longer serve as their fuel

Now they're just tired

and empty and cruel

We no longer know

Where to go/What to do

And today I must say

I think we're totally screwed

Origami time

Unfolds in a mime

Bending and pretending

With no reason or rhyme

Monetary slime

Nothing's yours/nothing's mine

You feel what they steal

In a loop of their crime.

Everything you ever believed

Is no longer true

The check has finally come due

I think we're totally screwed

All the lies concieved

To keep the sheep decieved

Served up as gruel

I think we're totally screwed

I see fire in the mirror

And the smoke brings it nearer

Maybe there is no cure

For the ultimate lure

goose is stewed

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What strikes me: Do these people understand Hamlet actually killed the man behind the curtain?

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maybe this is the natural cycle of human civilization, we start with a blank slate, build incentive structures without which motivation/progress would not be possible, then those structures become corrupted due to human nature and result in the death of civilization… sorry to be so fatalistic but maybe variations of this have been going on since time began.

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Great post. I was contemplating writing about my Ancestry. My father's side of the family had a long and storied history in the United States. Grandmother's family was from French farmers who came in the late 1700s. I knew grandpa's side went way back my aunt was always bugging me to join daughters of the American Revolution as someone who could trace an ancestor back to that War. Embarassingly the one relative we knew of who was high profile was not a good one to advertise as his name was Benedict Arnold. But when my brother took the DNA test for my other brothers we found it goes way back, to 1521. Captain John Hawkins with the first slave ship. Lovely

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solid hypothesis but most in my life will never get it… lots of blank stares…convincing a few not to inject their kids (so far) has been my only success. God help us.

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This is interesting. Am very curious about the British royal family involvements and what it means now Charles is in the high chair with his bib on. Does it change anything or not?

It seems like the upper echelons of society are an interconnected network of psychopaths, lucifarian paedophiles who think they are above the law. But that doesn't help solve the mystery of who wrote this plan and put it into action. Are any famous chess players secretly super rich and show sociopathic tendencies? I cannot help but think the script was written by someone who is very good at chess...

Also, who is the go to expert on cancers and specifically blood cancers? Anyone know or follow that field? Someone I know suddenly has "blood cancer" and I know they've had three mRNA cocktails.

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Fabio Vighi got it right - financial crisis precedes the pandemic. Pandemic is the "solution".


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Thanks for this excellent expose of the order and the layers in this pyramid of rotten power structures. This global structure must rely on actions taken at very ‘local’ levels effectively providing the glue for this power pyramid. The bad actors are also local, and sometimes near, ready to detect and silence or ‘cancel’.

Im reminded of one active local benevolent charity group, with strong global links, which is just about to relaunch and renew efforts on ‘polio eradication’ in poorer countries.T shirts, hats etc being promoted to renew campaign vigor. Seems strange at this point in time..Let’s hope ‘Science’ supports this charity to focus on food and sanitation, and genuine ‘safe and effective’ interventions.

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Great post, this weekend I will hopefully have time to do more than skim it.

I agree that the old Royal Families are knee deep in this. Hell, King Charlie was the one who announced the Great Reset.

Kudos to naming Larry Fink. Not sure about Xi but the hypothesis that he is out of his mind and is being played makes sense.

That those without ancient pedigrees are likely to be thrown to the wolves is true. Murray Rothbard was a great historian (among innumerable other talents) because he illuminated the actors. His "History of Money and Banking in the United States" is actually a fun read. He names all the actors and shows how they are all inter-related through blood and marriage. I suspect something similar is going on here, we are being ruled by a few families.

Certainly the Rothschilds, the financers of the old Royal families, have ancient pedigrees and it is inconceivable that they do not have a large role in this. I am not sure the extent to which the plutocrat J.P. Morgan was an instrument of the Rothschilds, I've read that they owned something like 70% of his stock but I have never seen hard evidence of this. I do not think that Macron's Rothschild connections are simply coincidental to his political success.

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Deep, deep hole of worms....and so dirty. I just wait for the moment when somebody will start the public investigation, debate, about US being a corporation and all ... even for me, as an outsider this subject is more than interesting (I guess all the countries are like this). It must be a connection because of the way how people are treated, like somebody own us. I know communism, I experinced it, but what is now is something else, more than any given definition.

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Anyone else wonder about Dr. Malone?

Why did he recently threaten Dr. Peter Breggin with a "dark phone call" (one of several such reports) over exposing Dr. Mathias of Mass Formation Psychosis fame for sheltering a serial killer patient? Why is he promoting MFP (to the exclusion of other theories) which ultimately exculpates elites and leaders as unwitting parts of the process/phenomenon?

How did he emerge from obscurity so quickly, with the right story (he got vaxxed) and deep military industrial complex and big-pharma/genetic tech connections? Many researchers have equally impressive credentials and even more damning evidence.

Who is funding multiple full-productions and interviews?

Why does he consistently skirt the "they planned this on purpose" evidence and recently began promoting a sort of national reconciliation and "look into your own heart but no one need be punished" approach to the pandemic and vax boondoggle?

Malone has certainly raised awareness, but he's also the elites wet dream of a limited hang-out senario pointman now that they've almost lost control of the narrative and they are having nightmares of a French revolution sort of reckoning day.

Ideally, Malone the Fixer, let's them admit to "mistakes", stay in power, and convince you to suck it up and accept your dead loved ones while letting all your benevolent silly-me rulers stay in power.

Replacing Fauci with the wonderful doctor Bob ("America's BOB!) would cap the whole thing off and restore trust to the CDC, the childhood vax program, FDA and the racketeering could go on unobstructed by indignant serfs.

Just some thoughts.

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Think you nailed it. This is almost exactly my current understanding.

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That's very good substacking.

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All been going on for sixty years.The plandemic was just another brick in a wall and they don't care that we know because they have bigger plans for us...worm meal. All vaccines are a scam. Water poisoned, food poisoned, air poisoned, drugs poisoned, viruses weaponized, media controlled, weather weaponized, internet weaponized. Depop tactics at every area of society. This was just the next stage globally to force injections. See silent weapons for quiet wars - 1969. Rockefeller lockstep 2009. Gates Gavi 2010 decade of vaccines docs. NIH first patents SARS in 1999 tested on canines, faucis favorite. The money transfer aspect isn't a big motivation, only to create hyperinflation to destroy fiat, as they prepare the new system via International bank of settlements, SDRs, Sovereigns, CSRQ-SM. They didn't buy off anyone, they promised Sovereign status in the next phase. The biggest question nobody can seem to satisfactorily answer is, once 6 billion people are gone including those reading this, how do they merge everything in a multipolar world with rise of BRICS? Or they just end up with bi global technocracy by 2030 or they settle it with ww3. Have a wonderful day ! 😃


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Thank you, nymusicdaily, for helping me make "philanthropath" a household word :-)

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